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Nestled in the heart of Como, Perth, Frenchie Lashes is more than just a salon; it’s a warm, welcoming home where beauty and comfort blend seamlessly. Founded on the principles of personalised care and expert lash artistry, our salon offers a unique, cozy experience unlike any other. Here, every client is treated to the highest quality lash services, from classic sets to volume and beyond, all in the comfort of our intimate setting. Inspired by Tofu, our cheerful French Bulldog, Frenchie Lashes embodies the spirit of friendliness and joy, making every visit a delightful escape from the everyday.

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Audrey is the heart and soul behind the transformative lash experiences at Frenchie Lashes. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty, she brings precision, artistry, and a gentle touch to every lash set she creates. Audrey’s dedication to her craft is evident in her meticulous work and the glowing reviews from her clients. But it’s not just her skill that makes appointments with Audrey special; it’s her warm, engaging personality that turns every session into a moment of relaxation and connection. Trained in the latest lash techniques and always up-to-date with industry trends, Audrey ensures that every client leaves feeling beautiful, confident, and utterly pampered.

Beyond the salon, Audrey is a vibrant 21-year-old with Indonesian roots and an Aussie spirit, living life to the fullest in sunny Perth. She balances her passion for lash artistry with a part-time role at a local primary school and babysitting, nurturing young minds with care and creativity. A gym enthusiast, Audrey finds joy in staying active and healthy, while her love for cooking brings friends and family together over delicious, home-cooked meals. With Tofu by her side, she embraces every day with positivity, making her not just an exceptional lash technician but a source of inspiration and joy to all who meet her.

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