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How To Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are the ideal, low-maintenance complement to any beauty routine, doing away with the need for falsies or mascara for an easy morning routine. However, that fantasy could turn into a little bit of a nightmare when those lovely extensions start coming out a few weeks later. There are certain things you may do to speed up the removal process, whether you just don’t have the time to visit an eyelash technician right now or prefer to give your lashes a little rest.

Here is a home removal method for eyelash extensions that won’t harm the fragile natural lashes underneath.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe to Remove at Home?

Eyelash extension removal should, if feasible, be entrusted to a professional to ensure the health of your eyes and lashes. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to complete the task properly; DIY removal could expose your eyes to dangerous microorganisms. What’s the good news? Although you can’t execute a professional-style removal in the convenience of your own home, there are actions you can take and items you can use to hasten the removal process; nonetheless, don’t be shocked if it takes a few days or perhaps a little longer for them to ultimately all come off. Here, patience is crucial.

However, there are things you can do to hasten the removal process if you lack the skills for an expert removal at home.

Utilize an oil-based cosmetic remover.

Using formulations containing glycol while searching for an eye makeup remover is advised. Glycols serve as solvents in cosmetics and have been demonstrated to dissolve adhesive bonds. Applying an oil-based cleanser to your lashes daily will eventually weaken the bonds in the eyelash glue, allowing the lashes to fall out on their own. Simply apply the solution to a cotton pad and keep it on your eye for a few minutes. After your lashes have had time to absorb the remover, gently cleanse the area. Continue doing this until all your extensions are gone.

Have a hot shower.

Even though taking a long, steamy shower can help release the eyelash extension glue, it might not be as helpful as doing so while the lash adhesive is still setting. There is no need for a costly steamer; you can simply steam your face to remove the eyelash adhesive. Water is simply boiled and poured into a bowl. Then, with your eyes closed, place your face over the steaming water.

You shouldn’t anticipate that after taking one hot shower or steam, all your eyelashes would fall out, much like when using an oil-based cleaner. It will take a lot of steam and hot water to shorten the eyelash extensions’ lifespan if a high-quality glue is applied.

Use Castor Oil Every Night as a Treatment.

Every beauty regimen needs castor oil. Castor oil is a natural moisturizer that also works to heal dry lips, treat acne, and prevent wrinkles. Fortunately, it is also ideal for easing down eyelash extensions in this situation. Every night, apply a tiny amount of castor oil on your eyelashes to help loosen the bond that the lash glue has formed while you sleep. The procedure ought to make the extensions loose enough to fall out naturally after a few nights. Using a Q tip will help guarantee that the oil reaches the eyelash adhesive without getting into your eyes, even though you may use the oil with your fingertips.

Do not pull or pick at your eyelashes, whether they are real or fake.

Even if you’ve tried all the above and are still stuck with a single random lash, resist the desire to grab the tweezers. By doing so, you risk badly damaging your natural lashes, especially if the lashes you pluck are still in the early stages of development. Additionally, tampering with your eyelashes by plucking or picking at them might disrupt the cycle of your lashes. There’s a danger that your eyelashes won’t come back at all if your rubbing damages the hair follicles in your eyelashes.

Therefore, despite how strong the impulse is, refrain from picking at your eyelash extensions.

Create A Healthy Eyelash Glue Cleanser

First, add some oil (olive oil or coconut oil is ideal for releasing lash glue) to a bowl of hot water along with some soap, liquid makeup remover, or both. After that, carefully apply the mixture to your eyelashes using a cotton wool pad or ball. Up until your lashes begin to come out naturally, repeat this action.

Do not, however, pick at your eyelashes. This DIY method will ultimately make the lash glue sufficiently loose for them to come off on their own, although it might take several reapplications.

Professional removal of eyelash extensions

While understanding how to take-out eyelash extensions on your own might be useful, there are instances when it is preferable to let a professional handle it. Professional removal of your eyelash extensions will maintain the strength and health of your natural lashes and make sure everything goes off without any issues.

Although it’s typically acceptable to remove eyelash extensions on your own, there are some circumstances where a professional eyelash specialist will be needed. Professional lash removal will be preferable to safeguard your natural lashes, for instance, if a fresh set of lashes bothers your eyes or if they start to grow out in odd directions.


Trying to remove your eyelashes too soon risks damaging and breaking your natural lashes. A few home methods have been discussed above but they are not guaranteed for each of you. Therefore, there simply isn’t a magic at-home solution to remove lash extensions. The best option is always to visit a professional eyelash technician to avoid any complications. Even yet, you can hasten the elimination process without endangering your natural eyelashes or eyes by combining a few of our modest tips.

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